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EVER Wallet: Everscale’s ultimate Web3 wallet made by Broxus

Jun 15 • 4 min read

EVER Wallet is a smart Web3 wallet for the Everscale blockchain developed by Broxus. The beauty of the wallet stems from the fact that it is based on a scalable blockchain with built-in Account Abstraction functionality. This is due to each wallet being a smart contract and, as you probably know, the sky’s the limit for smart contacts flexibility. Simply put, you can encode almost any logic into your EVER Wallet which sets the way for an unlimited range of both tapped and untapped cases of use. This is a great leap forward compared to the functionality provided by most existing wallets, which are legacy accounts, also known as EOA (externally owned accounts) managed by a private key.

Enhancing Web3 User Experience with Smart Wallets

The Smart Wallets concept introduced in EVER Wallet eliminates the last missing element to crypto’s mass adoption because it makes the interaction with blockchains a whole lot easier. By virtue of improving the user experience, they facilitate further onboarding of crypto users. 

Some common examples of tapped cases made flexible by Smart Wallets in EVER Wallet

EVER Wallet’s Multisig

With the multisig option in EVER Wallet, you can manage spending responsibilities with family members. This is especially applicable if you have a shared account and want unanimity on large crypto transactions. In the animation below transactions exceeding 100 currency units require the approval of three family members. 

Social Recovery

With Social Recovery option, you is able to customize other accounts so you can authorize new devices in case you lose access to your wallet. That is to say, you can authorize one or more parties who will be able to supply you with a new private key in case you lose yours.

Blocklisting addresses

Prohibit transactions to addresses you don’t want your wallet to interact with. For instance, sanctioned addresses or any other address you know to be involved in crypto fraud.

Whitelisting addresses

Allow crypto transactions with addresses that you know to be safe. Thus, even if your smart contract wallet private key is stolen, whoever gained access to it will not be able to send your funds to non-whitelisted addresses. In this case, only the trusted parties (if any) the user authorized can add a new address to the whitelist.

Setting limits

Set daily, weekly, monthly or any other limits for how many tokens can be transferred from an account. In the animation below, the daily limit is set at 90, the crypto transactions exceeding the amount set are not allowed.

Untapped Opportunities: Expanding the Possibilities with EVER Wallet


Imagine there is a car-sharing company where for each car there is an NFT. The owner of the NFT can open the car door and drive it. The rent is managed by the back-end, which is the manager of the respective NFT. At the same time, there are N people who have car shares and receive part of the rental profit according to their share. In this case, EVER Wallet can be used as storage for both the NFT and car shares.


Imagine pre-approving rules for interacting with a game dApp. Put simply, you can enjoy playing while knowing your assets are safe. The reason being is that you can set the conditions stipulating what the respective game (dApp) is allowed to do and what it is not. This contrasts with externally owned accounts (EOA) where you either have to constantly sign crypto transactions or depend on an entity that will act on your behalf.


Imagine you are listening to music on a subscription-based Spotify-like decentralized platform (decentralized music streaming service). Basically, you subscribe with your EVER Wallet and the profit from your subscription is automatically distributed between the artists you listened to in proportion to the time (or any other pre-set parameters) you listened to. Essentially, it is an automatic distribution of copyrights which is much more convenient than the current status-quo.


Imagine bundling several crypto transactions into one, then processing the respective sequence of operations via one atomic transaction. For example, providing liquidity to a decentralized exchange usually requires three transactions: approving each of the two tokens, then depositing them. With EVER wallet, it is possible to do it in just one atomic transaction.

Top-Notch Features of EVER Wallet Besides Account Abstraction

Built-in swaps and earning opportunities via FlatQube

Exchange tokens with negligible transaction fees being charged. 

Earn passive income via rewarding farming opportunities.

Built-in cross-chain transfers via Octus Bridge

Transfer crypto across seven popular networks at almost no cost (several cents in fiat terms).

Selecting chain in EVER Wallet.

Liquid staking directly from EVER Wallet

Stake EVER, receive stEVER (staked EVER) and earn 6.8% APY.

Liquid staking option in EVER Wallet.

Add any token supported by EVER Wallet via one finger tap

Just head to the Add Asset section and move the slider from left-to-right to add the token you need. 

Adding new crypto asset in EVER Wallet.

Add more accounts to your EVER Wallet

You can connect more than one account to your wallet.

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