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Broxus Times, Vol. 11: Everscale Node, Gravix, VEP-1155

Jun 30 • 4 min read

In the new digest by Broxus, we will guide you through the events of the second half of June 2023. Don’t forget that each issue (including this one) is sold as NFT on the TokStock marketplace. Go get your own piece of our history!

Improvement proposals for Everscale will be rewarded

Active members of the community can now be rewarded for their valuable contributions with the Everscale Bounties program. The idea is simple. Anyone can submit ideas for improving the network. If an idea is selected by others’ votes, its author gets $100 (in their chosen cryptocurrency). To participate, you need to create a detailed proposal on GitHub describing an idea and the results expected from its implementation.

Everscale node updated

Everscale’s developers upgraded the network’s node to simplify and increase the transparency of bounce message handling. Our colleagues have published a detailed article about how the new mechanism for handling these messages, which usually appear when transactions do not reach the finalized state, works in Everscale.

New Crypto Revue digest

We have posted a new Crypto Revue digest on major events involving Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), the stablecoin market, and crypto regulations that took place in June 2023. Here is what you can find out in this edition: 

  • Why public support for CBDCs is low in the US and in the Philippines;
  • What stablecoin and tokenization initiatives Circle, SWIFT, and Mitsubishi have;
  • Why the SEC has begun proceedings against Binance and Coinbase, and what tokens it included in its list of recognized securities;

And much more!

Gravix launched on Venom testnet

You are probably aware that Broxus not only works on Everscale, but also contributes to another TVM-compatible blockchain, Venom. It is currently running on the testnet, but the public release is not far.

Among other products, Broxus developed a perpetual decentralized exchange called Gravix. And recently it has launched on the Venom testnet! Now all Venom users can trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, and forex assets with leverage. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to read the Gravix documentation.

But that’s not all: Gravix was spotlighted by HackerNoon. In the story, entitled “The Rise of Leveraged Trading: Exploring Decentralized Alternatives,” Gravix was described objectively and given equal weight among other decentralized leveraged trading platforms.

VEP-1155: Fractional NFTs on Everscale

Everscale has introduced a new type of non-fungible token (NFT) standard, VEP-1155. Such tokens are fractional, meaning one of them can be divided into, say, 1,000 shares and several people can own one or more of these shares. The standard has already been implemented in EVER Wallet and EVER Scan, which Broxus is responsible for.

Staked EVER website update

A few unmissable updates have been made to the Staked EVER (stEVER) website to improve user experience: the developers enhanced the UI for tables and added dark mode and Korean language options. Now, the stEVER dashboard is even easier on the eye and simpler to navigate.

Deep Tech: how scalability works in Everscale and Ethereum

Experts from Broxus published their first article in a series offering a comprehensive technical explanation of how Everscale works and comparing the network with Ethereum. The subject of the article is scalability in Everscale and Ethereum. It considers Ethereum’s technical constraints, as well as rollups, which are commonly seen as the premier solution to the blockchain’s scalability limitations.

New landing pages on Everscale website

The “Getting Started” page on Everscale’s website, which is dedicated to software developers, got a brand-new look. Now, it is a dashboard with info about all the useful tools, basic topics on how to start building on Everscale, and links to the main developer communities. A number of changes have been also added to the page about the Everscale ecosystem, which now highlights four key products: EVER Wallet, FlatQube, Octus Bridge, and Tokstock.

Product updates

  • Limit order smart contracts updated on FlatQube.
  • StEVER staking on Venom updated.
  • StEVER now available in Korean and in dark mode.
  • Technical documentation for integrations added.
  • FlatQube’s website is now available in Korean.
  • Ledger has entered second iteration of testing.
  • EVER Wallet user documentation has been translated into Korean.
  • Dock-kit created to simplify working with documentation.


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